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Collection of Scientific Papers "Scientific Bulletin of Public and Private Law" was founded in 2015 by the Public Law Research Institute to publish creative achievements of scientists in order to generalize and disseminate the experience of the scientific units of the institute and other scientific institutions and higher educational institutions of legal development in the field of legal development. Certificate of state registration: series КВ № 21525-11425 Р dated September 8, 2015.

Collection of scientific works "Scientific Bulletin of Public and Private Law" is included in the list of scientific professional editions in which the results of the dissertation works for obtaining the scientific degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences in Law may be published on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of July 11, 2016 No. 820 (Annex 12).

The Scientific Bulletin of Public and Private Law is included in the Index Copernicus International scientific field (Republic of Poland).

The collection covers topical issues of theory and history of public administration, administrative, constitutional, civil, labor, environmental, criminal and criminal procedural law.

The materials of the Scientific Bulletin of Public and Private Law are addressed to a wide range of scholars as well as to all those who are interested in the issues of the functioning of modern legal science.

The Editorial Board invites scholars to actively cooperate and hopes that the young edition of the Scientific Bulletin of Public and Private Law will find its authors and grateful readers.